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Bug#718484: Adapt debian-edu-config to config file split-up in latest CUPS version in Debian

Hi Holger,

On Do 01 Aug 2013 12:42:39 CEST Holger Levsen wrote:

The cups daemon informs via error_log that the SytemGroup option has
to be removed from cupsd.conf (and moved to cups-files.conf) as this
will become an error in future versions of CUPS.

so thats a warning present in wheezy+squeeze and we need to care about this
for jessie?

The point is that the SystemGroup option in (formerly) cupsd.conf is very likely to get modified by the sysadmin of a school site and if people change it in cupsd.conf (squeeze/wheezy) it brings no result. I spent 0.75h with that yesterday, before I realized that the option got moved into cups-files.conf. Only in that file it becomes functional.

The cupsd.conf that gets installed via recent cups packages has the option removed. And I think we should do that, too. For squeeze and for wheezy SVN.



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