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Migrating from Squeeze to Wheezy?


At home I got a Debian Edu Squeeze main server + thin client server,
and I plan to migrate my setup to a new Wheezy based server.  In the
process, I plan to write some migration scripts and put them in the
debian-edu-config package and would like to get feedback on what it is
important to migrate.

At the moment I plan to migrate the following:

  * Users home directories.
  * Users LDAP objects for NSS and PAM/Kerberos.
  * Users private groups.

I plan to write a perl script to migrate data based on a slapcat dump
of LDAP objects from the Squeeze server.  The first draft is already
handling user objects, which fortunately are compatible and I believe
can be copied without modification from Squeeze to Wheezy.

I'm considering also to migrate host entries, but it is a lot harder
as I have changed the IP range of my home server and migrating of data
would involve rewriting existing objects.  It might be easier to just
run sitesummary2ldapdhcp after installation, and update netgroup
membership manually.

I'm also considering if user group memberships should be migrated or
not.  I do not really have many user groups in my setup.  It would
involve modifying existing groups as well as adding new groups, and I
am unsure how to best do this.

Anyone interested in such feature?  Perhaps willing to help me get it
working properly?  Please join me on #debian-edu to discuss it.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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