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Bug#714433: debian-edu: missing fsck.xfs if XFS filesystem is choosen during disk partitioning

Il 29/06/2013 12:07, Petter Reinholdtsen ha scritto:
> Why do you want to use xfs? In other words, why should we support xfs? 

Actually there isn't a real reason... when I started using GNU/Linux I read about
different filesystems and I choosed XFS because it was more efficient in reading/writing
data than ext3 (and others fs). I don't know if this is still true, some new fs versions
have been developed, but I can answer your question saying that if the partitioning
program allows the user to choose XFS, the user will expect that XFS can be chosen :-)

I don't know how difficult it can be to edit the debian-installer, but a message listing
which filesystems are supported can be useful (or, perhaps, removing from the list of
selectable fs those unsupported).


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