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Re: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#648604: lightdm doesn't update utmp/wtmp

Control: severity -1 wishlist
On sam., 2013-06-29 at 08:23 +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> severity 648604 critical
> thanks

Come on…
> Hi.  This bug do not only break power management, it also break the
> Debian Edu networked profiles in Wheezy, as they use the killer package
> to ensure left behind processes for not logged in users are killed
> regularly.
> When a user log in using lightdm, utmp do not show the logged in user as
> a logged in user, and all the session processes are automatically killed
> within the hour by killer.

> Can you please backport a fix for the version of lightdm in
> stable/Wheezy too?  I notice it is fixed in testing and unstable
> already.

Stable and Testing/Unstable use very different version, I'm not really
sure it's really possible, but will have a look. It's low priority
> Setting severity to critical, as this bug break unrelated software on
> the system.  Having a release critical severity might also help to get a
> fix past the stable release managers.
Artificially inflating the severity won't achieve that, sorry. Having
support for utmp is nice to have indeed, but that's all. That makes it
incompatible with killer package, too bad. But it *doesnt* “breaks
unrelated software”. Actually someone could also just say killer breaks
unrelated software by killing innocent processes. In turns that makes
lightdm useless in Debian Edu, that's unfortunate, but that

So again, no need to inflate severity. We'll have a look at it, but
don't hold your breath.


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