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Do your hardware need some special quirks to work with Debian Edu Wheezy?


I just tested Debian Edu Wheezy on two of my old test laptops, a Dell
Latitude D505 and HP EliteBook 2530p.  Both proved to need some hardware
specific workaround to get the wifi cards working.  A laptop that isn't
working out of the box is unlikely to inspire people to continue using
Debian Edu when testing it for the first time.  We thus need to make
sure machines work properly out of the box.

I've added the fixes needed for my test machines in our
debian-edu-hwsetup script, and hope others can do the same for the
hardware you have lying around.  I removed the obsolete stuff (removing
usplash) in the process.

The debian-edu-hwsetup script is executed by cfengine at the end of the
installation, and can run code to fix stuff based on DMI manufacturer
and product name, PCI device present (vendor/device), and kernel module

Check it out in debian-edu-config/sbin/debian-edu-hwsetup to learn more,
and please add code there to fix your machines to work out of the box
with Debian Edu Wheezy.  

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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