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Bug#711251: already present in 1.704

control: found -1 1.704
control: found -1 1.704~svn79638
control: notfound 1.706~svn80357 


* jever is starting an old tjener from earlier testing ...
<jever> on the old install from 20th of april the failure is already there. 
that is 1.704~svn79638
<h01ger> failure as in "password is visible in log"?
<jever> pere: yes, your oneliner gives the root password
<jever> h01ger: yes
<h01ger> ok, cool, mailing the bug
<h01ger> jever, thanks!
<jever> h01ger: in /var/cache/debconf/templates.dat
* h01ger nods

And squeeze is definitly not affected?

the good news is:

<jever> pere: h01ger: 
<jever> do not see any password in the files ...
<h01ger> jever, thats with debian-edu-config 1.704?
<jever> 1.706
<jever> with the latest netinst cd

Though I also dont see why this is gone now...


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