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Re: Edu mainserver - raid

Hi Giorgio, hi Petter,

On Fr 31 Mai 2013 20:28:03 CEST Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

[Giorgio Pioda]
I have only 4 disk slots, unfortunately... And for this setup a
minimum of 5 is fixed, I think.

I believe RAID5 also work with two disks, but it is definitely not
optimal. :)

I only install TJENER in KVM and I highly recommend that for production setups as it gives you much more flexibility.

Also, I (actually adopting this from Klaus Ade) also recommend disabling hardware RAID storage controllers and use the disks in JBOD mode. As default, I use the Linux Kernel RAID devices on the virtual host machine.

I also use RAID1+0 (or rather RAID1 + striped LVM) in the virtual host machine and provide logical volumes in that setup to the KVM guests.

If you have the financial choice, I recommend using RAID1 + (striped) LVM for all disks. For RAID5 I recommend a number of disks >= 5.



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