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Re: bug tracking

Hi Philipp,

On Mo 25 Mär 2013 23:29:19 CET Philipp Huebner wrote:

Hi there,

according to http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/
I should use http://bugs.skolelinux.no to report bugs, but AFAIK Debian
Edu has been using the Debian BTS for a while now.

What is the correct approach?

Bugzilla is obsolete. Use Debian BTS (report against debian-edu-config).

I am asking because it is impossible to do offline installations with
the debian-edu-6.0.7+r1-DVD.iso. I have been trying to install main
server and thin client server separately, both fail with this message:

"To install Debian Edu using PXE and NETINST CD, network connectivity is
required. It is currently missing, so this installation can not continue
and will be aborted"

Please note, I am using the _DVD_ image, but installations only work if
I have completely working internet access.

When I switch to terminal 4, the last 2 log output lines are:
edu-is-testinstall: detected production install
log-output: wget: bad address 'ftp.skolelinux.org'.

Haaa! I had a similar issue. I used desktop=gnome on the kernel boot prompt line. Did you do something similar?

The DVD only has KDE. What installation profile did you choose (main server, combi server: main server+workstation+ts)?

Now, should I report this to the Debian BTS? If so, against which package?

Report against Debian BTS and let's continue the discussion then.



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