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RFD: Can we use on KDE for our international, multi-platform project?

Dear friends,

once, and now, it turns out that in a multi-platform network
with international encodings, we produce file names that
are not compliant to the official codebase of their filesystem.

After some research (1st I thought it was just dolphin to blame),
I found out, that this problem affects all KDE applications, and
even the Qt-Libraries. Allegedly, not even Qt5 will fix this:


The lenght of this BTS entry (+ many duplicate bugs)
https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=165044 reveals to me
how critical this issue is for many international users who
want to make use of their GUI, but repeatedly hit on 
cases where copying or syncing of large directories stops
at some point due of malformed file names.

The background is that file names are passed as "Qurl" objects
where special characters are percent-encoded. In this high 
level, there is no reference to the original file name (low level).

If you need reasons why such malformed file names occur, try
comment #132 #c38 

If you need a list of file browsers or system tools that can get
along with this, try #123 #100 (=> mc, thunar, xfe)

Your opinion?

Thanks & greetings

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