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Re: Problems with login on squeeze/lxde

[Frank Weisser]
> Hi!

Hi.  Sorry for the late reply.  Here is a shot to hopefully help you a
bit on the way.

> I installed a tjener+ltsp-server from debian-edu-6.0.4+r0-CD.iso.
> I chose desktop=lxde, german and partitioned manual. My first user is
> administrator.
> I can
> - graphical login as administrator on tjener and on thin client and
> diskless client (i think i ran a script mentioned here, but i am not
> sure); on thin client i'm not able to get german
> keyboardconfiguration.
> - install from pxe on a pc with roaming profile
> - add users by .csv to gosa (5, it's my home server) All home0's are created
> I can't
> - grahical login to pxe-installed pc as administrator (Legitimation 
> gescheitert)

No idea why.  Did you add the PXE-installed PC into the required
netgroup to make sure it is allowed to mount the home directories?
Please read the GettingStarted chapter of the documentation if you have
not done so alread.

> - grahical login to any machine but tjener as user (Password double
> asked, then: "username or password wrong")

No idea why.

> I log in as frank on tjener and am asked for a new password, the old
> one is expired

This sound like the old expired password problem, documented with
workaround in
<URL: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Squeeze/GettingStarted#User_Management_with_GOsa.2BALI- >.

> Now i can graphical login to thin client and diskless client
> and console login to roaming profile machine. user frank is created in 
> /etc/passwd with full name "Frank Weisser". In gosa it's correct: "Frank 
> Weißer". Wonder, where the double-s is coming from. graphical login 
> still is not possible to this pc. (Legitimation gescheitert)

The double s originates from the conversion of UTF-8 in LDAP/Gosa to
ASCII in /etc/passwd. ß is mappet to ss.  It is the same as it happening

  echo ß | iconv -t ASCII//TRANSLIT

> frank can't login to gosa with the new but with the original pw from .csv!
> Any hints what's going wrong?

I would guess the Kerberos and LDAP password got out of sync when you
set a new password to replace the expired password.  To get them back in
sync you can log into Gosa and set a new password.  Gosa will set both
LDAP and Kerberos passowords to the same value (as well as the Samba
password).  Yes, it is annoying that there are three copies of the
password around, but not much could be done about it for Squeeze.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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