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Connect via rdp


I have some (many) thin clients that Im not able to use in a normal manner.. They have to small amount of memory to be used via ltsp, and they are not upgradable.
But, they have pocket-windows installed with an rdp client.
So I tried (just to see if it would work) to connect to tjener via rdp.

It works, but when connected to tjener I get a login window that says "Login to xrdp"

And then you have several choices like sesmann-xvnc/xrdp/any, console, rdp-any, vnc-any

No matter what you choose (like sesmann-xrdp) you add your credentials (yes, they are correct) it connects somehow but says xrdp_mm_process_login_responce: login failed

Any one tried to connect to tjener via rdp (or vnc) and got it to work?

This second login window only appears if you dont add username and passwd directly in the windows rdp agent. If you do, you get the same login failed message though.

Regards  /George

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