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Re: Bug#684859: AutoFS fails to start on some occasions for networked D-E client systems

Hi Marius, hi all,

On Do 16 Aug 2012 14:29:37 CEST Marius Kotsbak wrote:

Den 16. aug. 2012 13:46, skrev Giorgio Pioda:

I would fix it disabling network-manager on the eth0 if
we are talking about fix client stations.

Well, network-manager is useful for laptop clients to be able to access wireless and mobile broandband connections, so I think we should keep it. But have you checked the dependency/start order of network-manager and autofs services? Is sounds like there is something wrong there. Autofs should start after network-manager service.

The problem is not the start order of the services. The problem is that network-manager starts connecting eth0 in background. While that is happening all the other boot scripts overtake the dhclient process issues by network-manager.



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