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Re: Current procedure/policy for committing to Debian Edu SVN

Hi folks,

On Mi 15 Aug 2012 13:33:28 CEST Marius Kotsbak wrote:

Given the low level of progress at the moment, I wonder what it would
take to improve it, and thus what you believe would improve it. :)

I think moving to Git would improve it as well. Then it will be easier to
have different branches for different versions of Debian and branches of
different stability and easier to integrate patches people are testing in
their own branches laying around.

After Holger's status report I actually think we should stay on SVN for D-E wheezy and focus on releasing Debian Edu 7.0.1-r1 (that is: with first point release of Debian wheezy).

Then we have plenty of time for r2, r3, ... and the migration to Git.

The migration to Git will break a couple of workflows. This will be intended once the step is gone, but when will be the best point for this? (Answer already given above).



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