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Re: Current procedure/policy for committing to Debian Edu SVN

Hi Mike,

On Dienstag, 14. August 2012, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> what is the current policy for committing to Debian Edu SVN?

Honestly (and sadly) I think the correct+current answer is: "there is none"

I'd be happy to see this changed, though.
>    o what kind of bugs do we fix (there are several)?

Depending where :) (in squeeze, for wheezy, we could also start a wheezy+1 
branch now, to finally be ahead for a change! ;-)

If we want to get things in wheezy, we should not add fixes for non-important 
stuff, except translation + documentation updates.

I'd still like us to release with Debian wheezy and I still think it's both 
possible and desirable. 

And it seems we are not that far away, when I tested our wheezy CDs last week, 
there was basically just one big bummer: the tasks are not installed. See 

>    o do I have to commit to more than one place (squeeze/wheezy version of
>      packages)?

yes, we have squeeze+wheezy branches in svn. (I didnt have the time for git 
migration when I did the wheezy branches, thats basically the only reason why 
thats svn and not git.)


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