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Re: fixed www welcome page

On 29 February 2012 14:29, David Prévot <taffit@debian.org> wrote:

> Not really: tho PO files are always generated from the source files
> (index.html.en here).


> Please note that, even if I can't judge of the quality of your
> proposals, I would prefer *not* to commit them as is.

I have no problem with anything. Just that, as I was asked if I could
get a ja translation, I thought I should look at the en.
> A few remarks after a quick glance:
>> -      <h2 class="menu">Local services</h2>
>> +      <h2 class="menu">Local Services</h2>
> I'm not fond of uppercase everywhere, is there a rationale for that change?

To match the Debian Edu in the next section, and because it is a title.

>> -    Debian Edu server was successful. Congratulations, and welcome. To change
>> +    Debian Edu server was successful. Congratulations, and welcome! To change
> I'm not fond of exclamation marks either, is there a rationale for that
> change?

I thought it sounded like one. I am happy to drop it.

> Your patch needs proofread (“adminstration”), and I'm not fond of the
> personal point of view (“your network”, while it should actually be the
> school's network).

Sorry I presumed there was spellcheck in an editor I have never used before.

Because the original was scattered with familiar "you"s, I thought I
should keep that tone. It doesn't have to be a school, so it could
simply be "the network"

> and it would be a shame to break any of the ten translations that are
> complete right now. So, I propose to ask for a quick review on the

I understand this, and thought that the meaning of every section
remains the same, and therefore translations wouldn't be affected. I
haven't tried to rewrite the page, just improve the wording. My friend
was having trouble translating some of it, that's what made me look at

I am fine if you say it is too late. I will look at it again for wheezy.


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