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Re: debian-edu-doc and RC2

Hi David,

Il 20 febbraio 2012 07:36, David Prévot <david@tilapin.org> ha scritto:
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> Hi Wolfgang, Claudio,
> First of all, thanks for managing to keep debian-edu-doc up to date!
> For the next RC2 scheduled on Sunday, we plan to upload debian-edu-doc
> Wednesday and Saturday. I intend to do a final synchronization from the
> wiki the day before (respectively Tuesday and Friday) pretty late (I
> live in UTC-4), and proceed to the upload the next day, during the
> European afternoon (or later if you prefer).
> Hopefully, you'll manage to keep your translations as up to date as
> possible, and if this technique works for the RC2, it will hopefully
> work for the final release too…
I now commit to svn the uptaded translation in italian.

> Claudio, I uploaded every Italian screenshots, but you may wish to also
> upload images/it/Debian_Edu_Network_Squeeze.png too, its source is
> images/sourceDebian Edu Netzwerk_Squeeze_l10n.odg.
I saw the screenshots and you did a great job.


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