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Re: debian-edu-doc: updated German translation of Squeeze user manual

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 08:55:48PM -0400, David Prévot wrote:
> Le 13/02/2012 20:33, Wolfgang Schweer a écrit :
> > file updated again, this time checked as proposed by you and hopefully 
> > o.k.
> I'd prefer not to commit this version: you may have updated it with the
> last po4a version (0.41-1), while the Squeeze one (0.40.2-1) behaves
> differently (e.g. a bug has been some useless “]]” in the end of strings
> are removed with the last version), so your translation becomes
> incomplete: 1191 translated messages, 45 fuzzy translations.

Downgrading po4a to the squeeze version solved that problem.
> I CC the debian-edu list to ask for confirmation: debian-edu-doc is
> being built on Squeeze, so we must keep the tools from the Squeeze suite
> to built it, right? Or can we switch to building this specific package
> inside a Sid environment (updated packages are also sent to unstable
> after all)? Because of some packages behavior, we need to stick with one
> approach, and can't mix (one time built on Squeeze, one time on Sid will
> just be a mess for translators).
As the debian-edu-doc package is installable in sid it should be 
possible to do translations in sid. Considering the faced problems, there 
should a hint for translators to use the squeeze po4a package, though.


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