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Bug#659767: debian-edu-doc: update German translation of Squeeze user manual

tags 659767 pending

Hi Wolfgang,

Le 13/02/2012 12:29, Wolfgang Schweer a écrit :

> please use the attached file (atm complete translation).

Thanks, just committed. Please note that I had to fix a few tags, you
could have spotted these errors by building the documentation: either
having a look to new error messages in the build log using a simple
“make” in the debian-edu-doc directory, or building the package (the PDF
build failed because of these errors).



P.-S.: A new release was scheduled for the next weekend, so we'll
probably update the sources files again until then (Friday for sure,
maybe earlier if the wiki evolves soon), don't hesitate to provide an
updated file then.

We'll try to improve the translation workflow in the future, but since
the release is soon, and the wiki a pretty moving target theses day,
it's a bit difficult for us translators, sorry about that.

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