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Content and translation status for the debian-edu-squeeze manual

The (translated) debian-edu-squeeze manual as PDF or HTML is available at http://maintainer.skolelinux.org/debian-edu-doc/

To understand this mail better, please read /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc/README.
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debian-edu-squeeze-manual.de.po: 1057 translated messages, 81 fuzzy translations, 98 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.es.po: 300 translated messages, 420 fuzzy translations, 516 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.fr.po: 1236 translated messages.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.it.po: 974 translated messages, 221 fuzzy translations, 41 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.nb.po: 394 translated messages, 531 fuzzy translations, 311 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.zh.po: 20 translated messages, 180 fuzzy translations, 1036 untranslated messages.
FIXME: Give a good content into the Table of services 
FIXME: the detailed info from the beta releases should be wrapped up into one big block for the final release. until then, this shouldn't be translated. 
FIXME: what else is new in rc1? 
FIXME: describe new features in squeeze here 
FIXME: this should be reworded: after the mainserver is installed, further installations should be done via PXE, as this will automatically use the proxy. The above boot parameter is more suitable for initial mainserver installations using an existing proxy in the network...  
FIXME Check these numbers for Squeeze.  They are 2012-01-22 for Lenny. 
FIXME: Machine Management is a yet to be written chapter needs to include the info about the cronjob updating dns running every hour and "su -c ldap2bind - bind" to trigger this manually 
FIXME This section needs to mention the sitesummary2ldapdhcp script, which automatically adds machines to GOsa² if the machines have booted as thin clients/diskless workstations or been installed using any of the networked profiles. 
FIXME kde-update-notifier is no longer installed 
FIXME mention unattended-upgrades as an alternative to cron-apt. 
FIXME: Explain how to use kde-update-notifier, best with screenshots. 
FIXME: continue description of slbackup-php usage, maybe with screenshots 
FIXME: described required changes to LDAP 
FIXME: Compare with <link linkend='NetworkClients'>DebianEdu/Documentation/Squeeze/HowTo/NetworkClients</link> and get rid of redundant information. 
FIXME: describe how to install and use them in parallel and how to use $desktop_environment on "normal logins" and lxde on thin-client-logins. Probably describe that in <ulink url='http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Squeeze/HowTo/NetworkClients'/> 
FIXME: would it be better to explain user groups in Windows first with GOsa², and then with an example for the command line? 
FIXME explain how to use profiles from global policies for Windows machines in the skolelinux network 
FIXME: describe roaming profile key for the global policy editor here 
FIXME: ... from here it needs someone with an English-language install of MS Windows to provide the necessary steps ... 
FIXME: ... from here it needs someone with an English-language install of MS Windows to provide the necessary steps ... 
FIXME". <!-- <remark>status ignore</remark> --> 
19 FIXMEs left to fix

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