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Re: Bug#488386: please provide an udeb for laptop-detect

[Otavio Salvador 2008-06-28]
>> OK, that could be a valid reason. But you've not yet explained why you 
>> need it _before_ /target is set up.
> I also fail to understand it.

I'll try to give some more background information.

During installation of Debian Edu, a profile question is presented to
the user, and based on the answer to thise profile question a lot of
settings in the installer is adjusted.  The package selection, setup and
the partitioning are all affected by the answer.  Because the
partitioing is affected, the profile question need to be asked _before_
/target/ is available.

When the profile question is asked, the default values are adjusted
depending on the environment and the type of machine being installed.
If installing in an environment without a main-server and on non-laptop
hardware, the default is main-server + thin-client-server.  If
installing in the same environment on a laptop, the default is
standalone.  If installing in an environment _with_ a main-server and on
a non-laptop, the default is workstation.  If installing in an
environment with a main-server present and on a laptop, the default is
roaming workstation.

To get this automatic setup working, we need laptop-detect in d-i.

Please provide the udeb, to allow us to drop our copy of the
laptop-detect in debian-edu-install.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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