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Re: Automount issues

El vie, 10-02-2012 a las 18:05 +0100, Giorgio Pioda escribió:
> Hi,
> fighting with my educlient.deb I've the neat impresson that many
> failed logins (no NFS share) is dued to autofs, this at least in my
> qemu testing environment.
> It is WORTH NOTING that from time to time I got the same NFS mount fail
> on original Edu workstation, and this in an unpredictical manner.
> A manual restart of the autofs after local login solves. It looks like
> there is something conflicting between NetworkManager and autofs.

I don't think you can use autofs with n-w unless you set the
network-manager connection to be available for all users, so n-w
connects before the user logs in. 
If n-w gets network connection after autofs has tried it, you won't have
the NFS shared mounted.
Unless you need wireless access, I don't see a reason to use n-w in the
workstations. It's much better using the traditional networking
configuration. If you're using wireless, then consider editing the
connection and mark the available for all users option in the n-w
editing connections options.

José L.

> cheers
> Giorgio
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