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Re: Bug#658563: debian-edu-config: [INTL:id] Indonesian debconf templates translation

[Kurniawan Haikal]
> Of course, i'd love to and i'll try my best. But could you give me,
> some links may be, that help me to understand how to translate
> debian-edu-config/www/? Because i'm new to this things. And I'll try
> to ask people in Indonesian translation team too about it.


Fetch the source for debian-edu-config from unstable and copy
www/index.pot to www/id.po to get started.  Submit the resulting id.po
to BTS.

Similar for debian-edu-install, fetch from unstable and work in

Cc to the project list, to allow our translator coordinator to
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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