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Re: NFS options

[Giorgio Pioda]
> Probably my i3 test machine is not the perfect setup to have an
> idea about performance, but...
> I see that Ubuntu as workstation client is WAY faster than DebianEdu
> workstation. Probably tis is more related to Gnome2 vs KDE4, but in any case
> my Ubuntu setup is running without NFS3 daemon.

Well, unless you can document that the Debian Edu workstation get
significantly faster by disabling rpc.statd, I believe it is best to
leave this change to Wheezy.  Ubuntu/Gnome is faster than Debian Edu/KDE
is not really telling much about how rpc.statd affect performance.

If you believe rpc.statd is started by mistake by the package when only
NFSv4 is used, is it not better to report a bug to BTS and ask for the
Debian package to be changed?

Btw, I wrote wrong earlier. I meant to write LTSP still uses NFSv3, not
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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