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Bug#657474: debian-edu-artwork: leaves diversion after upgrade from squeeze

Hi Hideki,

On Freitag, 27. Januar 2012, Hideki Yamane wrote:
>  I've prepared an NMU for debian-edu-artwork (versioned as 0.0.33-2.1) and
>  uploaded it to DELAYED/5. Please feel free to tell me if I should delay it
>  longer.


I mean I really like NMUs but
- NMUing one day after the bug was filed, is already bad. (It's not a serious 
issue after all.)
- then, debian-edu is an active team and the package is maintained, so you 
could+should have at least asked. 
- third, if you do an NMU, please follow the NMU procedure and open a new bug 
asking the maintainer to acknowledge and incorporate the NMU.
- fourth: why did you move the #DEVHELPER# block in prerm? NMUs should be non-
intrusive always and this doesnt qualify, esp. without an explaination why 
(and in our case, we're even still trying to release this to our squeeze, so 
such a change is really really unwanted. Granted, this last bit could have 
been unknown to you, but then, this was on d-d-a two weeks ago, so you should 
also have known this.)

And due to the fourth issue, I kindly ask you do dcut your upload from the 
delayed queue and leave fixing this to us. Thanks.


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