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Bug#655203: local CUPS on diskless workstations fails to start during boot

[ Mike Gabriel ]
> I observe local CUPS crashes on nearly every diskless workstation boot. 
> With local CUPS I refer to the cupsd process that gets started on 
> diskless workstations themselves. The server CUPS process is ok.

I tried booting my test diskless workstation twice, and cupsd started  
every time.  Any idea how to reproduce the problem?

> If the local CUPS of diskless workstations fails to launch, printing  
> from diskless workstations is not possible.

Yeah, it would be a fatal problem.

> I wonder, if the CUPS daemon on diskless workstations needs the ltsp
> tmpfs filesystems to be in place for working correctly (write access
> to certain folders). If so, then we have to tweak the boot sequence
> on diskless workstations a bit more for this...

As far as I know, all file system fixes are done in rcS.d/, while
cupsd is started from rc3.d/ and rc5.d/ which have to be after rcS.d/.
There must be some other explanation.  Any ideas?
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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