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Requesting package adoption flashqard

Hello everyone,

I packaged a flashcard application for ubuntu and now I was wondering whether 
it could be included into the debian main repository (ubuntu syncs from that 
afaik). The project is written for QT4 and can be found at 
http://www.flashqard-project.org, it seem as if the active development has 
stopped, I thought about working a bit on it, although it's in a pretty usable 
state. As a first step I added a German translation which is included in the 
flashqard-0.15.0-1ubuntu2 package which can be found in my PPA 

But since I don't have commit rights for Debian, I was wondering whether 
someone would be willing to "adopt" the package? I'd take care of it and send 
you a debian compatible package once in a while :)

I hope this is the right list, otherwise feel free to redirect me to the right 

Please put me into CC, since I'm not subscribed (yet).

Kind Regards,
Michael Skiba

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