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Bug#641223: GNOME desktop does not install on Debian Edu squeeze

Package: debian-edu-install
Severity: important
Version: 74148

The GNOME desktop is not installable any more. Tried two different methods:

1. DVD installation

  DVD from squeeze-test
  use kernel pararmeter desktop=gnome on d-i boot
    - no GNOME related packages get installed
    . no GDM is started on system boot, neither is there a KDM

  the package education-desktop-gnome is furthermore missing on the APT repos
  on the DVD

  then: run apt-get update

  now: when installing the education-desktop-gnome, all packages would be
       installed (from squeeze, not squeeze-test, though)

2. NETINST CD installation

  NETINST CD from squeeze-test
  use kernel parameter desktop=gnome on d-i boot
    - a KDE/KDM workstation gets installed



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