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Samba: Domain "Skolelinux" not available if IP beyond

Dear list,

our Debian Edu system used to be stable like a rock.
After holidays, I encountered an issue as follows:

The last 8 of 20 clients in our cabinet cannot log in to samba,
their message is "domain not available".

I checked cables and switches - and IPs (from 2nd boot
partition running Debian Edu without problem), nothing
that differs from other machines.

It stroke me that all clients concerned were in an IP range
of upwards (static190).

Then, I changed dhcpd.conf, giving those clients lower IPs
(there was a gap in static62..70).

And, indeed: Now those clients were also able to login!
All butt the last one (that got no free IP in dhcpd).

There were no other changes AFAIK, can anybody explain
this behaviour, i.e. rejection of clients with specific IPs?

Thank you very much,
I like to sort out the origin of this issue ASAP, because
I need to report tickets to our support compony (without
giving them the chance to blame Skolelinux)


P.S.: Maybe there is a connection to this changes:
- I added a course of 85 students, now we got >> 1000 users)
- I added a corresponding share
- another share (restricted access) is not available anymore
  recently, while testparm reports no issues, and any other
  share is working.

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