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Re: r74053 - in trunk/src/debian-edu-config: cf debian etc/bind ldap-bootstrap

Hi Andi,

On So 04 Sep 2011 21:26:40 CEST "Andreas B. Mundt" wrote:

I think this should be done by preseeding:

  krb5-config krb5-config/dns_for_default boolean true

We have:

  krb5-config krb5-config/dns_for_default boolean false

in debian-edu-install/preseed-values/defaults.networked, i.e. we
should change this.  I have a setup with Kerberos clients running fine
here with only preseeding krb5-config.
Adding 'allow_weak_crypto = true' was needed for NFS (which should be
in place already).

I think you are right, but I have just shortly looked in the krb5-config package and it does not open up to me immediately. There are quite a few variables for krb5-config package.

If you have a running setup, do you think you could commit the needed changes? That would be great.

Also: on diskless workstations the preseeding values for krb5-config do not all ,,arrive'', only the default_realm is set, but not the INTERN = {<servers>} server definitions... That's why I chose cfengine in the first place...



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