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Bug#629367: gosa: not all GOto/GOsa system types available in Debian Edu' GOsa

severity 629367 wishlist
retitle 629367 Add GOto workstation support for Debian Edu wheezy


On Mo 06 Jun 2011 00:20:59 CEST Mike Gabriel wrote:

Currently, GOsa in Debian Edu allows two system types to be added:#

  o servers
  o netdevices

We currently use netdevices for adding workstations, but in GOsa there should actually be a system type ,,workstation'' by itself that we should be able to add.

This is important for completing the Samba work for Debian Edu.

This bug report refers to adding the package gosa-plugin-goto to GOsa² in Debian Edu.

I tested GOsa² with gosa-plugin-goto and it is nice. But: it adds many functionalties and features that are nice, do not work out of the box and raise errors that we would have to deal with.

Thus, changing this request to severity: wishlist and suggesting to keep this issue for wheezy.



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