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Content and translation status for the debian-edu-squeeze manual

The (translated) debian-edu-squeeze manual as PDF or HTML is available at http://maintainer.skolelinux.org/debian-edu-doc/

To understand this mail better, please read /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc/README.
This mail is automatically send by a cronjob run by Holger Levsen every two weeks. Please send feedback, suggestions, flames and cookies via this list.

debian-edu-squeeze-manual.de.po: 830 translated messages, 211 fuzzy translations, 103 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.es.po: 608 translated messages, 151 fuzzy translations, 385 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.fr.po: 890 translated messages, 174 fuzzy translations, 80 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.it.po: 1117 translated messages, 22 fuzzy translations, 5 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.nb.po: 735 translated messages, 290 fuzzy translations, 119 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-squeeze-manual.zh.po: 58 translated messages, 120 fuzzy translations, 966 untranslated messages.
FIXME: check if our umask differs from Debians default and possible describe it here. this chapter needs a bit cleanup 
FIXME: maybe move to a page of its own or further up. 
FIXME: describe new features in squeeze here 
FIXME: add an english squeeze screenshot here. 
FIXME: gosa needs to be documented properly here, following the structure of the existing lwat instructions. _Then_ the lwat text should be deleted. 
FIXME: Explain how to use kde-update-notifier, best with screenshots. 
FIXME: continue description of slbackup-php usage, maybe with screenshots 
FIXME: described needed changed to ldap 
FIXME: there is a bug here, new files are not automatically tracked. Please file a bug in the Debian BTS! 
FIXME: add more infos about stable-updates here 
FIXME: update information about java in the webbrowser in squeeze 
FIXME: this is so generic its almost useless 
FIXME: Compare with <ulink url='http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Squeeze/HowTo/Administration/DebianEdu/Documentation/Squeeze/HowTo/NetworkClients#'>DebianEdu/Documentation/Squeeze/HowTo/NetworkClients</ulink> and get rid of redundant information. 
FIXME: this is broken and a bug should be filed: kiosktool upgrades restore default desktop icons 
FIXME: describe how to install and use them in parallel and how to use $desktop_environment on "normal logins" and lxde on thin-client-logins. Probably describe that in <ulink url='http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Squeeze/HowTo/NetworkClients'/> 
FIXME: This need to be changed as DHCP configuration is in LDAP. 
FIXME: should user groups in windows better be explained with GOsa first, and then with an example for the command line? 
FIXME explain how to use profiles from global policies for windows machines in the skolelinux network 
FIXME: describe roaming profile key for the global policy editor here 
FIXME: explain how to install and use italc - <ulink url='http://bugs.debian.org/511387#'>511387</ulink> explains this quite well actually. 
FIXME: explain how to install and use squidguard and/or dansguardian 
FIXME: install swi-prolog by default? 
FIXME: changing passwords for users needs to be upated for squeeze 
23 FIXMEs left to fix

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