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observations from testing the latest squeeze-test dvd


just tested the latest dvd from this morning:

<h01ger> the debian-edu-profile hanging happens when slapd is starting

(I need to switch to VT4 and then the install immediatly continues. I believe 
thats due to missing entropy...)

<h01ger> three errors on a pure tjener (no ltspserver, no workstation) 

<h01ger> - unable to look up "ltspserver00.subnet00" on server localhost
<h01ger> - unable to look up "ltspserver01.subnet01" on server localhost
<h01ger> - Nagios cound NUMSVRCRIT is not zero but 1

<h01ger> bind, slapd and dhcpd all running \o/

logs available on request.


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