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ldap-bootstrap fixed (was Re: build DVD for testing)

Hi Holger, hi all,

On Mo 29 Aug 2011 23:31:20 CEST Holger Levsen wrote:

Hi Mike,

On Montag, 29. August 2011, Mike Gabriel wrote:
I had tested it, but I had forgotten to commit my working copy fix...

hehe. thanks, I'm glad it was such a kind of problem ;)


I have tested the latest DVD yesterday and today quite intensively and the status of the current DVD is: TJENER fails to install. The LDAP bootstrap gets interrupted while slapadding all the .ldif files.

I have just committed a patch that fixes the whole LDAP bootstrap (r73968). The change in ldap-debian-edu-install is quite major, but I have tested it tenth of times on a faulty TJENER (installed from the last DVD) and after a fresh run of ldap-debian-edu-install the faulty TJENER was then up-and-running.

I also added a large comment at the beginning of ldap-debian-edu-install that explains how to re-run the script (i.e. howto flush your whole LDAP/Samba/GOsa setup). This bit of doc might very well be suitable for some wiki page...

@Holger: would you be so kind and upload another package (I have tested with debuild -uc -us ;-) )? THANKS!!!



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