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Removal of users takes ages on systems with many homes / many files.

Hi Andi,

could you please cross-check SVN commit 73889.

I made the experience that it takes such a long time before the gosa-remove script returns awareness back to the GOsa WebGUI that it makes the admin user think GOsa has died (and it might indeed do so if max_exec_time of php.ini is exceeded).

This happens because the find process that searches for purgable dirs scans the whole hd which is not feasible on big installations.

I have reduced the search depth to -maxdepth 1, maybe we could use a -maxdepth 2 in case people cascade homes (e.g. like /skole/tjener/home0/students, /skole/tjener/home0/teachers).

What do you think? (and: How are you???)



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