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Re: Bug#540362: O: xfs -- X font server

[Moritz Mühlenhoff]
>> I think debian-edu may still be using it, as it's recommended in
>> education-thin-client-server. no idea if it's actually used.
> Debian Edu people, can you comment on this?

We already did.  The xfs package is installed for LTSP to use it.  If
LTSP use it, it make sense to keep it for Debian Edu.  If it does not
(I do not know), then it do not make sense to keep it in Debian Edu.

So the question is not really if LTSP work fine without XFS, but if it
work better without it.  Can it handle machines with less memory with
XFS than without it, for example?  Anyone know?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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