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Re: Writing the documentation for GOsa², the new admin tool of Debian-Edu

On Thursday 07 April 2011 18:59 Jürgen Leibner wrote:
> Hi to all,
> now I think it is time, to announce my little personal project here
> on the list.
> Since last year in November, I'm in education for becoming a
> certified 'Technical Writer'. This education ends with a little
> project and an exam. One part of the project is to write a
> documentation or a handbook or something similar.
> As we know since we choosed GOsa² [1] as our new admin tool, that
> there is no documentation of GOsa² covering the special aspects of
> Debian-Edu.
> So I decided last year in November to get the permission for writing
> that documentation.
> Today I got that permission and I can tell you what the project
> covers in detail.
> Short description of the project:
> The task is to create the missing documentation for the new admin
> tool for the new release of Debian-Edu in the most important parts
> which are the user- and services management modules.  At that it will
> be taken care of the differnet user roles.
> The documentation will be created in the DITA [2] document standard
> [3]. The processing of the topic based files for creating the HTML
> and PDF output will be done with the actual DITA-Open-Tool [4] kit.
> I choosed to use this relative new DITA standard and not the old and
> proof docbook standard to get the benefits of topic oriented writing.
> GOsa²,  XML and DITA are new to me and I hope to find here someone in
> the right moment to help me getting information about GOsa² and its
> special implementation in Debian-Edu.
> The project starts next week with some planning and design tasks.
> On the 26th of April the writing starts. The end of the project is
> the 6th of July.
> Unfortunatly not all of that time is scheduled for writing but I hope
> to get the documentation done as well as I'm able to. The
> documentation will be published under the GPL so that there will be
> no problem to get it in Debian-Edu in our SVN afterwards so that I
> and maybe others are able to complete and translate it. The
> documentation will be initial written in German because my English is
> not well enough for technical writing.

Unfortunatly the xml DITA doesn't work as expected and so I decided to 
write it in Libre(Open)-Office to get the exam an certification done. 

... for those who are able to read German, the documentation is now  
available here:


Maybe I find time to get it translated and ported to the wiki.
Every help is welcome.
Feel free to contact me, I'm on the list. 

 Jürgen Leibner aka jever

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