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Bug#634829: libpam-mklocaluser: login fails when used in conjunction with sssd

Could this be connected to a known (and fixed) race condition in python?

See here: http://bugs.python.org/issue1731717

On 25/07/11 18:00, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Wolfgang Schulze-Zachau]
Hi Petter,

nope, doesn't make any difference, I still get the "Unexpected
exception, should never happen ..." message.
Hm.  Not quite sure how to figure out what is missing a child.  Could
you try to add log/print statements to try to figure out what is

I have stopped nscd, no difference. And nslcd isn't installed (do I
need it other than for caching?).
nslcd is only used when libnss_ldapd is used, and it is an alternative
to sssd and should probably be disabled/removed if you want to use

Please send to 634829@bugs.debian.org, to make sure BTS is up to date.

Happy hacking,

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