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Code sprint, Developer Gathering - July 22-24 Oslo, Norway

Hi there, 

Several people have been asking for more code sprints and developer 
gatherings making free software for education. This includes developers of 
free software projects as Skolelinux, Open/Libre Office, Debian-edu, KDE, 
Gnome etc. 

To get started, I've got OK from the head of Free Software in Schools 
(FRISK), OpenOffice translation etc. to organise code sprints and developer 
gatherings, also recruiting new contributors to Skolelinux and similar 

Since we are doing this a period with major vacation, we will do two 
gatherings. The first one is 22-24 July in Oslo[1]. Qt at Nokia got a nice 
location to do this, including network, video projector etc. The location 
for the next sprint August 12-14 will be decided next week. We are in 
contact with a company which might got similar work space as Nokia, but at 
an other location in Oslo.  

The first gathering starts 10:00 on Friday July 22 to introduce new 
contributors and users to the projects. We are doing short introduction to 
interesting parts of the project, history and plans going forward. The code 
sprint, translation work and documentations starts 18:00 on Friday as usual: 

1. http://www.friprogramvareiskolen.no/Gathering/2011-07-22-24-Oslo

Oh, not to forget. Since there has been slow progress applying for community 
sponsorship, there will be no reimbursement of travel and food. Participants 
has to cover such cost them self. The code sprint will have a work track on 
making sponsorship application for future gatherings. 

Best regards

Knut Yrvin
Sprint coordinator. 
Vice President SLX Debian Labs. 
Mob: +47 934 79 561 

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