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Re: widor.d.o upgraded, apache error log not nice

On Fri, 2011-03-25 at 23:14 +0100, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:

> i just upgraded widor.debian.org to squeeze.

Ah, I was going to mail you about some requirements for that in the next
few days. Due to DebianEdu's reliance on the DocBook output capabilities
of MoinMoin, we need python-xml installed, sadly that was orphaned
upstream and removed from Debian during the squeeze cycle. Looking on
widor I see that has now been removed, could you add lenny to the
sources.list and reinstall it? The migration path here is either to wait
for moin 2 to come out or migrate to ikiwiki and have DebianEdu use
pandoc/etc. Both of those are a while away. Blockers for the latter are:

Merging wiki.debconf.org (just an idea so far)
License clarification and re-licensing content (some work done)

> While the wiki is still working, the apache error log is not so happy
> about the the upgrade it seems. For now i fixed it in that way, that
> mod_wsgi.so is now pointing to the version 2.5 wsgi.so, but i would
> like to have that fixed.
> Also the search function didn't work any more, i fixed that for now with
> disabling the xapian search.
> Could you please look into it and help me getting this right? I will
> drive to home now, but should be around later tonight and during the
> weekend.

I will take a look at it now.



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