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OPSI integration in Skolelinux

Hi there,

recently there has been a discussion on this list about integration of OPSI (centralized Windows system management software, http://opsi.org) with Skolelinux (or was it the German list?).

We stumbled over a problem in OPSI that leads to incompatibility with Skolelinux's default DNS setup:

Now that Debian Edu squeeze has implemented another DNS setup than Debian Edu lenny (subdomains for LTSP subnets) we here in Kiel have a raw concept howto install OPSI with Skole without changing Skole's DNS setup:

 o setup a Skolelinux terminal server ltspserverXY.intern
 o Windows clients will be wired into the subnetXY.intern cascaded after
   ltspserverXY.internal. Thus, windows clients can also be potential LTSP
   clients in the subnetXY.intern.

   -> This will then be compliant with DNS setup expecations of OPSI

 o setup OPSI on the terminalserver (todo: integrating OPSI dhcpd/tftpd with
   the LTSP thinclient bootstrap)
o use iptables on the terminalserver (MASQ) to allow Windows clients to access
   CIFS/SMB shares on TJENER, maybe also using WINS server support

This still will be a bunch of work that we will of course document in the Debian wiki the first time we have to do this for a customer's network.

The main advantages are:

  o Windows clients are not in the network, they are behind a
    second firewall (iptables on ltspserverXY.intern)
  o no Skolelinux DNS setup adaptations for OPSI resp. no DNS patches needed
    for OPSI (which is rather impossible with the current OPSI version

Maybe this is of help to others...



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