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Authentication problem


Installed a gnome roaming workstation from
> Debian GNU/Linux 6.0+edu0~a0 "Squeeze" - Unofficial Multi-architecture
>                     amd64/i386 NETINST #1 20110308-17:09

After Installation i added a local user with a password containing dead
keys. This user
- is able to login on console 1-6 but is prompted for password 2 times!
- can't login on gdm - the password prompt again shows 2 times!
- can't change his password using
- get's a "Anmeldeinformationen abgelaufen" on X. Password again doesn't
- Tried to autologin my user per gdm but doesn'T work either

#dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
to get dead-keys or leave them with no change in behavor.

My workaround at the moment:
Login as root, stop gdm, logout, login as user, startx

Don't know agains what to file a bugreport.

Btw: my tjener is still lenny



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