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Re: Debian wiki and DocBook output?


On Donnerstag, 17. März 2011, Paul Wise wrote:
> Excellent, so switching to ikiwiki would be better for DebianEdu than
> switching to squeeze MoinMoin, that is good news.
> Once the conversion is done you can slurp down the raw wiki text, gather
> that up into a source package and use pandoc and other tools in
> debian/rules to generate the HTML and PDF for users to read.

whats your schedule for this? I'd very very much prefer if we could release 
Debian Edu Squeeze first... even then it will still become an issue with 
updates for debian-edu-doc (usually the manuall is still in development after 
the release...) but I guess the switch has to be done one day, and it will 
mean disruptions for our stable release in any case.


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