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Re: Debian wiki and DocBook output?

Hi Paul,

thanks for making us aware of this issue!

On Mittwoch, 16. März 2011, Paul Wise wrote:
> The Debian wiki team are wondering how essential the DocBook output of
> the Debian wiki is to DebianEdu.

It's essential as it's used to create the source for xml files for the 
debian-edu-doc package (which are then translated with .po files and turned 
into pdf+html versions).

(And debian-edu-doc contains the central Debian Edu documentation and well, 
documentation is essential.)

> The version of MoinMoin in Debian 
> squeeze needs python-xml, which was orphaned upstream and removed from
> Debian after lenny. 


> More info is available at [1]. 
>      1. http://moinmo.in/MoinMoinBugs/DependencyOnOrphanedPythonXML

there are at least some patches and proposals there...

> In addition there are 
> longer term plans afoot to look at switching to ikiwiki.

As ikiwiki also supports translations and more importantly docbook xml output, 
I'm fine with this plan. (=I'd be willing to do the work on the 
debian-edu-doc side for this migration :)


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