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Re: Linux-PC blocked/filtered in the network.

The theories presented by the folks at UMOEikt is that there could be something wrong with MTU size.

- I have tested with different MTU size using 'ifconfig eth1 mtu number', but nothing changes.

Another theory is that NAT is causing problems, and that I would have to change IPs in our SLX-net.

- If this was the case, I shold be able to access WWW from a laptop running linux at the town hall. This is not the case. And opposite, a laptop running Windows should not be able to access WWW from inside our SLX-net, but it can...

When I search for "TCP out of state" + Checkpoint I find this:

TCP traffic is beeing dropped, and SmartView Tracker
shows the errer: "TCP packet out of state"

The Non-TCP, RFC compilant software fails to communicate
properly trough the security gateway.

Then a HowTo for turning of this follows...


I do not understand the part "The Non-TCP, RFC compilant software fails..."


Petter Reinholdtsen skrev:
[Ole-Anders Andreassen]
tjener:~# tcptraceroute www.vg.no
Selected device eth0, address, port 52967 for outgoing packets
Tracing the path to www.vg.no ( on TCP port 80 (www), 30 hops max
 1  9.061 ms  0.461 ms  0.512 ms
 2  1.235 ms  1.036 ms  0.978 ms
 3  3.894 ms  10.220 ms  3.858 ms
 4  3.790 ms  3.795 ms  4.070 ms
 5  4.657 ms  23.638 ms  17.696 ms
 6  www.vg.no ( [open]  19.536 ms  11.242 ms  10.339 ms

tjener:~# traceroute www.vg.no
traceroute to www.vg.no (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
 1  gateway.intern (  0.520 ms  0.808 ms  1.486 ms
 2 (  5.345 ms  5.431 ms  5.521 ms
 3 (  12.244 ms  12.591 ms  12.795 ms
 4 (  13.129 ms  13.338 ms  14.487 ms
 5 (  13.610 ms  13.971 ms  14.207 ms
 6 (  13.799 ms  18.911 ms  19.102 ms

When we compare these two, I see the most likely candidate for the
source of this problem.  The router with IP address would
be my prime suspect for this blocking.  It could also be a transparent
proxy placed one network hop away from this router.

The firewall log at the town hall shows a lot of messages about "TCP
packet out of state"

Broken firewall?

Happy hacking,

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