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Re: isc-dhcp-relay instead of isc-dhcp-server on terminal-servers?

Hi Andi,

On Mo 07 Mär 2011 09:57:43 CET "Andreas B. Mundt" wrote:

Hi all,

while working on the DHCP-setup I accidentally met the
isc-dhcp-relay package which can be used to relay DHCP requests. For
example, we could use it instead of running dhcp-servers on the

Is there a reason we don't use the relay method but stand-alone
dhcp-servers? (Tjener needs to be accessible in both cases,
because the configuration is fetched from tjener's ldap anyway).
An advantage of the relay method: You don't need to start several
dhcp-servers after modifications to the configuration.

In a quick test it looks like isc-dhcp-relay works fine. Any
opinions/experiences about that?

It sounds like a seemingly good idea to me, but I do not know about consequences and caveats...



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