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Re: ldap: ou=group versus ou=groups


last mail in my debian-edu@ backlog :)

On Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> Anyway, GOsa has its own way of structuring LDAP (that's why GOsa in
> Skolelinux requires an LDAP-migration tool that is customized for the old
> lwat-based LDAP-DIT. My suggestion is to handle LDAP-stuff like GOsa
> proposes it. LDAP DIT has to be changed for GOsa anyway (part of the
> discussion in Zweibrücken), thus I recommend using the standard GOsa way
> (where the department ous are optional and should not be configured with
> standard Skolelinux, also part of the discussion in the Distro).

This sounds sensible to me, as it does sound sensible to use ou=groups if all 
the others use plural to me.

But, I would recommend to keep ou=group for now and do one of the above 
changes for wheezy instead. Shall we open a bug to track this?


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