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Squeeze Debian-Edu is working more and more.


first off all thanks for the good job to integrate gosa into debian-edu!

Many things seams to work now. Only the netgroups problem must be fixed
in /etc/exports or may be in the ladp tree. I run into this problem.  

ldapvi --host ldap -ZZ --bind simple --tls allow -D
ldap_start_tls_s: Connect error (-11)
additional info: TLS: hostname does not match CN in peer certificate

The netgroup is a solution that based on IPs so it is not really secure.
Now we have Kerberos running is there an other solution? So may be we do
not need the netgroups. 

I have some problems discovered:
An extra terminal server (in difference to the combi server) does not
show the complete boot menu for disk-less workstation, thin-clients and
installing workstation (next-server must be set in gosa). So I can use
a diskless-workstation on the combi server but not on tjener with extra

exim on workstations can not deliver mail to tjener per smtp because it
can not authorize.

Setting the hostname over dns failed at startup but can be set later in
a root shell.   

For a comb server error messages have reduced to:
error: ./dnsd: Unable to look up 'ltspserver' on server 'localhost' ('')., 
error: ./ldap-client: TLS search for cn=admins failed., 
error: ./nagios: Nagios count NUMSVCUNKN is not zero but 1.

Consider reporting them to the Debian Edu developers.
gosa can not export data so that I can read this in the next test :-(.  
Ill try to solve this issue on the gosa list if I have time.

May be it is time to make a first beta release so that more testing and
file errors possible. Also a announcement in the gosa list as a
reference implementation for gosa may be help full. So the gosa
developer can help us to customize gosa for our needs.   

OK. Testing squeeze makes fun so may be others like to start with this. 

regards Andreas 

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