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Bug#613167: /etc/hosts on Diskless Clients


On Fr, 18 Feb 2011, Andreas B. Mundt wrote:

> The 'server' looks like being hardcoded in the function configure_resolver()
> defined in:  
>      /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/ltsp/ltsp-init-common

maybe this way (not sure, if SERVER_NAME is used already):

replace »$SERVER server« by »$SERVER ${SERVER_NAME:-"server"}« in

then set SERVER_NAME in lts.conf

(if getltscfg is called SERVER_NAME will be taken out of lts.conf and

for testing set PILLE_PALLE=something in lts.conf and execute
»getltscfg -a« after entering the chroot using »ltsp-chroot«

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