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Re: workstation boots but can't find kstartupconfig and OpenDNS setup?

pdns have a built in hint file (where the root dns servers are) and should be able to resolve the rest of the internet using those as starting points. if that fail either you have problem reaching some of the root dns servers, or the pdns built in root hint file is obsolete.

so you can use other dns servers as forwarders (as you did) or you can try to update the root dns hint file by using the hint-file option in the recursor.conf file updating the root dns hint file is considered regular dns server maintainance. I am uncertain if debian updates stable when root dns servers change.

you can get a dns root hint file with something like
dig @ > /etc/powerdns/rootdb.hint


On 29.12.2010 18:33, David Goldstrom wrote:
   Thanks. Before I made the change to the pdns.conf I could get google, debian, yahoo and wikipedia but NOT skolelinux.no or most other websites! Where does pdns-recursor lookup DNS for websites it doesn't already know about?

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From: Ronny Aasen<ronny@skolelinux.no>
Subject: Re: workstation boots but can't find kstartupconfig and OpenDNS setup?
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Date: Wednesday, December 29, 2010, 3:12 AM
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On 29. des. 2010 02:21, David Goldstrom wrote:
Both problems solved (and I'll try to add to the
1. Changing the machine name to static00 got it to
boot as a diskless workstation. It also boots as a thin
client on the same address (
2. Getting the ethernet to work required setting the
"recursion=(put OpenDNS nameservers here seperated by a
comma)" variable in the powerDNS cofiguration file

tjener should have a valid recursor server installed, so
changing the
recursive server should not be nessecary unless you have
some spesial
network issues. or a bug. if you want to troubleshoot you
can check that
the pdns-recursor is installed and running

unless you want to use opendns for some other reason. then
your change
makes sense.

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