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Re: Bug#606016: indexing takes a minute using all CPU and creates 100mb data

reassign 606016 debian-edu


from my discussion with the akonadi maintainer:

< h01ger> is there a way to turn off akonadi globally? its unusable when 20 
users log into a ltsp server at the same time.. not everybody is running kde4 
on her own laptop
<svuorela> just remove it.
<svuorela> (yes, it will remove kmail and kaddressbook and such)
<h01ger> well, i think we want kmail. though of course we could go with 
icedove or something else
<svuorela> akonadi is not a addon. akonadi is a crucial piece of 
infrastructure for people dealing with contacts, email and calendar data with 
apps built on kde platform, or in other ways using akonadi
<h01ger> hmmm
<h01ger> might be the way to go for us for squeeze still :/
<svuorela> I don't see what your problem is though
<h01ger> seen my bug report against akonadi?
<h01ger> on login, akonadi uses 100% cpu for a minute
<h01ger> if 20 people log in at the same time, using thin clients, this 
becomes 20min of 100% cpu
<h01ger> plus wasted diskspace
<svuorela> on every login or on first login ?
<svuorela> for me, it doesn't start until I launch kontact
<h01ger> i think only on first login
<svuorela> but akonadi isn't indexing anything
<h01ger> hmmmm
<svuorela> especially not for new users
<svuorela> akonadi is a pim caching agent
<h01ger> i have to admit i only know this from ronny@skolelinux.no, but he's 
clueful and trustworthy enough that i believe him. but the same is true for 
you :) so for now i'll say thanks for the info to you, disabling akonadi 
might be a last ressort. i'll keep this in mind and let you know once _i_ 
know more :)
<h01ger> much appreciated!
<svuorela> disabling akonadi is disabling ability to send emails
<h01ger> yeah
<h01ger> got that :)
<h01ger> thanks
<h01ger> do you mind if i attach our conversation to 606016? (and reassign it 
to debian-edu :)
<svuorela> feel free
<h01ger> thx

Obviously I could also have understood Ronny wrong...


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